Week of August 22, 2022

WEEK OF August 22, 2022 **Subject to change due to class progress

Period 1: English 9/10

Monday: Start Unit 1, discuss “crisis;” read article, give vocab #1. Graded homework: Use vocab in a sentence.

Tuesday: Review Literary Non-Fiction, read story: “A Chance in the World.” Discuss reading strategies, give vocab #2.

Wednesday: Assessment on Tuesday story, graded class discussion on “A Chance in the World.”

Thursday: Review Text pages 18, 19 semi-colons and colons. Homework: Find a current events article on a “crisis.” You will orally report on it Friday in class. Be sure to cite your source and the date of the article.

Friday: Reports on current events article (graded).

Period 2: ELA 6

Monday: Start Unit 1, discuss expression, expression skills; give vocab #1, GRADED: Use vocab in a sentence.

Tuesday: Learn: Memoirs, Revisit “structure of a text,” preview “Brown Girl Dreaming.”

Wednesday: Revisit transitions; do GRADED writing exercise including purpose and structure.

Thursday: Read aloud “Brown Girl Dreaming” Writing #1, GRADED class discussion.

Friday: Read aloud “Late Autumn” and discuss; revisit plot diagram

Period 3: Literacy

Monday: Read “The Lady, or the Tiger,” aloud, GRADED class discussion, revisit plot diagram, non-fiction genre, give vocab.

Tuesday: Ditto Tuesday. GRADED: Use vocab in a sentence.

Wednesday: Revisit essay writing and standard essay format; begin working on essay outline related to “The Lady, or the Tiger.”

Thursday: Complete GRADED essay on “The Lady, or the Tiger.”

Friday: Common Usage Worksheets practice.

Period 4: English 11/12

Monday: Start Unit 1, Text Pg. 7 – Strategies. GRADED: Make a strategies resource in your own words. Put a visual with each strategy.

Tuesday: Read “Bread” aloud, and GRADED class discussion about Strategies and perspective. Homework: Find a current events article about perspective perception.

Wednesday: GRADED: Present your current events article to the class with the explanation about why it is related to perspective or perception. GRADED: Vocab exercise Page 63.

Thursday: Pg. 34 – Read silently, “Song of the Sky Loom” and class discussion about repetition and perspective as it pertains to belief systems.

Friday: Prepare a writing about your belief systems using Repetition. (GRADED)

Period 5: ELA 7

Monday: GRADED class discussion on text material re: Reality. Vocab assigned and group work.

Tuesday: Revisit Plot Diagram and genres. Add vocab and group work.

Wednesday: Preview and read aloud, “Mirror Image” and GRADED class discussion with plot diagram.

Thursday: Mirror Image assessment; revisit analysis of “evidence”

Friday: Class discussion. How do we form perceptions based upon what we see. GRADED: Make your own version of a plot diagram in your own words.

Period 6: Law

Monday: Students present business idea, attributes researched and how these will fit into the business plan. Begin working on the business plan sections: Overview of business idea and description of your product or service. Homework: research and determine your target market/customers.

Tuesday: GRADED: Present your target market/customers and reasoning based upon your research. CITE the sources you used in presenting this information. Continue working on the business plan, section on your target business.

Thursday: Continue writing the business plan and the section with GOALS for the business.

Friday: Finalize and turn in the following sections of your Executive Summary: Overview, Description, Goals, Target Market. These sections will be GRADED.

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