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Week of 8.29.22

WEEK OF August 29, 2022

**Subject to change due to class progress **

Period 1: English 9/10

Monday: GRADED Group work: For the word “crisis:” Define it, find 3 synonyms, 2 antonyms, 2 similes and 2 metaphors; make a visual.

Monday HOMEWORK: Find a current events article about a crisis. On Tuesday, you will present in class (around 2 minutes), the title, source, facts and how the article represents a “crisis.”

Tuesday: GRADED present current event. Class discusses choices and sacrifices.

Wednesday: RESOURCE handout: Making an argument. Discussion about how to analyze and make arguments and present rhetorical questions. (Text, pg. 21). Give Vocab: laud, transfix, consume, berate, edict.

Thursday: Read “Is Survival Selfish?” and discussion about written arguments. GRADED Homework, Vocab: Write about a crisis, using all 5 vocab words.

Friday: GRADED Group work, Text, p. 28.

Period 2: ELA 6

Monday: Read “Brown Girl Dreaming,” Writing #1. Learn personal connections, identifying PURPOSE of passage through EVIDENCE. Ditto with “Late Autumn.”

Tuesday: Silent Reading, “The Other Woodsen.” GRADED: Identify PURPOSE through EVIDENCE and the clue “UNTIL.”

Wed. & Thursday: Read “Stevie and Me” aloud and GRADED class discussion.

Friday: GRADED Grammar worksheet.

Period 3: Literacy

Monday: Review literary tools (list). Begin “The Gift of the Magi.” GRADED discussion and identify literary tools and vocabulary words.

Tuesday: Continue “The Gift of the Magi.” Continue GRADED discussion.

Wednesday: Revisit outlines, essay writing & standard essay format. Essay: HOW Della and James felt the same about Christmas gifts. You must use two of the vocabulary words in your essay. Discuss writing prompt “HOW” and relation to essays. Prepare outline on essay and turn in.

Thursday: Classwork on essay. GRADED Homework: Finish your essay and turn it in on Friday morning. Make sure to use the Writing Checklist for editing.

Friday: Common Usage Worksheets practice & Vocabulary assignment. Finish the vocab at home and turn in on Monday if you don’t finish.

Period 4: English 11/12

Monday: Read aloud and GRADED class discussion on “A Woman on a Roof.”

Tuesday: Read “Bread” silently. Essay: HOW is this story is about perspective and how do you know it is? Discuss writing prompts containing “HOW.” Discuss strategy of succinct writing. Prepare outline in class and turn it in. In the essay, incorporate at least one ANALOGY.

Wednesday: Continue working on “Bread” essay, practicing writing succinctly.

Thursday: Finalize Bread essay. In computer lab at school, or as homework, type it up and email to Mrs. Smith. (GRADED).

Friday: Story, Text, page 56. Read aloud and think about how the story relates to personal value systems. GRADED class discussion.

Period 5: ELA 7

Monday: Text pg. 18 suffixes, pg. 19 punctuation, GRADED exercise. Discuss author’s purpose, diction, and syntax. Review evidence, annotation, charts, and diagrams. Discuss vocab: collaborate, relevant, skepticism. Discuss theme “What can blur the lines between what’s real and not?”

Tuesday: Read “The Blind Man and the Elephant.” As re: the story, discuss author’s purpose, theme, diction, syntax, 5Ws + H, evidence gathering and completing plot diagram.

Wednesday: HANDOUT: Informational Texts. Preview “Not Everything It Seems,” text pg. 23. Why is this not a story? Why no plot diagram?

Thursday: Read writing, text pg. 23-26, story GRADED assessment pg. 27 (look at first to know what evidence to find).

Friday: Add to vocab: abnormal, focus, perceive, task (noun and verb). Discuss positives and negatives of influencers. GRADED vocab assessment.

Period 6: Law

Monday: You should have emailed the Executive Summary section of the business plan to Mrs. Smith by Monday morning (GRADED). We will discuss section 2 of the Company Information and Description of the business plan. Begin working on Company information and Description section of the business plan.

Tuesday – Wednesday. Continue working on Company information and Description section of the business plan. Complete and email to Mrs. Smith by Thursday morning. (GRADED)

Thursday: Discussion of specific website marketing. What is effective

Homework for Thursday to present on Friday: Gather together some pictures from the internet, magazines, or other sources of things related to your business that you would like to incorporate on your website.

Friday: Present your visual information related to your business in class. Make sure to discuss reasons why you chose these visuals and how it relates to marketing strategies. (GRADED).

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