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Week of 12/5-12/9

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Please check daily as I make frequent changes


M: substitute

T: hand back science fair papers and recap

W: continue ch 12 mendelian inheritance ppt

Th: ch 12 ppt

F: ch 12 ppt

Next week will finish ppt, cover ch 12 jeopardy, and take exam on Wednesday/Thursday

Algebra 9A and 9B:

M: substitute

T: Cover examples 1,2, and 5 of lesson 5-1. Homework #20 pg 267 #1-10, 19-22, and 25-30 due THURSDAY. Must show all work, grading on correctness

W: Cover examples 3 and 4 of lesson 5-1 // HW #21 pg 273 #1-21 must show all work!

Th: Cover lesson 5-2 // HW#20 due

F: Cover lesson 5-3 // HW#21 due

Partial exam on lesson 5-1-5-4 on Thursday next week! Will finish the rest of chapter 5 in the Spring

Lesson 5-1

Lesson 5-1
Download PDF • 7.19MB

Lesson 5-2

Lesson 5-2
Download PDF • 2.94MB


M: substitute

T: continue ch 7 respiratory ppt

W: continue ch 7 ppt

Th: finish ch 7 ppt



M: substitute

T: continue ch 7 ppt

W: no class

Th: finish ch 7 ppt // VOCAB QUIZ (was supposed to be Tuesday)

DNA molecule homework, must draw a colored and labeled DNA molecule with all three parts

F: escape room

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