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Week of 10/3-10/6

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Check this post daily as I make frequent changes. No school on Friday for UF Homecoming!


M: photosynthesis review

T: cellular respiration review // amoeba sisters photosynthesis due

W: Exam Review // photosynthesis HW packet due

Th: Ch 9 Exam

Photosynthesis, ATP, and cellular respiration video links for review:

Ch 9 jeopardy
Download PPTX • 178KB

Algebra 9A:

M: Finish lesson 2-5 // Go over HW #9 in class // Complete #10 pg 121-122 #1-6

T: HW #10 due // module review pg 127-129 #1-24 in class and for HW

W: Review module pg 127 answers// exam review

Th: Exam 2

Algebra 9B:

M: Complete HW#11 pg 109-110 #1-20 // module review pg 127 #1-24 classwork

T: go over HW#11 answers // module review pg 127 due, review answers // exam review

W: Exam 2

Th: Begin lesson 3-1


M: hand out vocab sheet // finish ppt ch 4





M: hand out vocab sheet // fibers youtube video // Atlanta child murders

T: jeopardy exam review/ finish Atlanta child murders video

W: no class

Th: vocab quiz // Ch 4 exam // permission slips and $ due

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