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Week of 1/30-2/3

Updated: Feb 3

Please check daily as I make frequent changes


M: Begin lecture 15.2

T: finish lecture 15.2

W: notecards on 15.2

Th: finish ppt

F: finish note cards

if absent: complete 17 flashcards and turn in Monday: MUST BE SPELLED CORRECTLY


-allelic frequency

-genetic equilibrium

-genetic drift

-stabilizing selection

-directional selection

-disruptive selection


-geographic isolation

-reproductive isolation



-punctuated equilibrium

-adaptive radiation

-divergent evolution

-convergent evolution

next week M: review, Tuesday exam

Algebra 9A and 9B:

M: Exam on ch 6 lessons 6-1 through 6-4

T: Begin ch 7 exponents

W: finish 7-1 HW#27 pg 9 #1-25 (USE VOLUME 2 TEXTBOOK) due friday

Th: 7-2

F: 7-2 // HW#27 due

HW#28 pg 17-18 #1-22

Lesson 7-1
Download PDF • 5.59MB

Lesson 7-2
Download PDF • 3.83MB


M: Exam on ch 9 patient care assessment

T: DCAPBTLS run through

W: vocab

Th: practice scenarios

F: begin ch 10


M: vocab quiz

T: begin chapter 9

W: no class

Th: finish ch 9

F: begin escape room

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Note: This Agenda Blog is only an approximate plan of the weekly lesson plans. Changes can and will be made due to unanticipated circumstances and in order to maximize instructional effectiveness. Eco

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