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Week of 1/30-2/3

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Please check daily as I make frequent changes


M: Begin lecture 15.2

T: finish lecture 15.2

W: notecards on 15.2

Th: finish ppt

F: finish note cards

if absent: complete 17 flashcards and turn in Monday: MUST BE SPELLED CORRECTLY


-allelic frequency

-genetic equilibrium

-genetic drift

-stabilizing selection

-directional selection

-disruptive selection


-geographic isolation

-reproductive isolation



-punctuated equilibrium

-adaptive radiation

-divergent evolution

-convergent evolution

next week M: review, Tuesday exam

Algebra 9A and 9B:

M: Exam on ch 6 lessons 6-1 through 6-4

T: Begin ch 7 exponents

W: finish 7-1 HW#27 pg 9 #1-25 (USE VOLUME 2 TEXTBOOK) due friday

Th: 7-2

F: 7-2 // HW#27 due

HW#28 pg 17-18 #1-22

Lesson 7-1
Download PDF • 5.59MB

Lesson 7-2
Download PDF • 3.83MB


M: Exam on ch 9 patient care assessment

T: DCAPBTLS run through

W: vocab

Th: practice scenarios

F: begin ch 10


M: vocab quiz

T: begin chapter 9

W: no class

Th: finish ch 9

F: begin escape room

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