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Week of 1/17-1/20

Please check daily as I make frequent changes


T: study in class for exam / must bring in powerpoint tomorrow for a grade!

HW DUE TOMORROW: On a piece of paper write down 1 fact about prehistoric life. Must be a complete sentence. Must identify the specific era and period this fact takes place in. The more information the better chance at 100% as a grade.

W: Exam on ch 14

Th: Begin ch 15

F: continue ch 15

Algebra 9A and 9B:

T: HW #24 due / begin lesson 6-3 elimination using addition and subtraction HW#25 due THURSDAY pg 333 #1-32

W: finish lesson 6-3

Th: begin lesson 6-4 // HW#25 due

F: finish lesson 6-4


T: patient care assessment practice

W: review for exam

Th: exam on ch 9

F: begin ch 10


T: continue blood escape room ch 8

W: no class

Th: continue escape room

F: escape room section 8 due for grade

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Please check daily as I make frequent changes Biology: M: Begin lecture 15.2 T: finish lecture 15.2 W: notecards on 15.2 Th: Ch 15 review // jeopardy? F: Ch 15 exam Algebra 9A and 9B: M: Exam on ch 6