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Week 8: September 30 - October 4

1st Period: 6th Grade World History

  • Monday: Students will work on organization, study skills and habits, and practice ways to be successful in middle school // Brainstorm ideas for Spirit Week theme days!

  • Tuesday: Begin Egyptian Book of the Dead video and take guided notes

  • Wednesday: Finish Book of the Dead Notes and review vocab words for test tomorrow!

  • Thursday: Book of the Dead Test //

  • Friday: No School - UF Homecoming!

2nd Period: 7th Grade Civics

  • Monday: Review Rule of Law skits and finish Rule of Law packet // complete for HW if not done in class.

  • Tuesday: Pamphlet of Protections activity // Read “You’ve Got Rights” iCivics reading page 1 and complete activity pages 1 and 2

  • Wednesday: Complete Amendment Matching cut + paste activity in groups // Study flashcards sets 1 and 2

  • Thursday: Trashketball on ALL flashcard terms so far!

  • Friday: No School - UF Homecoming!

3rd Period: 6/7th Grade Advanced Reading

  • Monday: Silent Reading // New vocab packet: Wild Ride // Begin working on packet

  • Tuesday: Silent Reading // Watch “Wild Ride” video and answer review questions // Begin Writer’s Notebook activity #1 on pg. 119

  • Wednesday: Sustained Silent Reading

  • Thursday: Silent Reading //Share results from Writer’s Notebook activity // Complete #3. Pg. 119 “Made in America” art project

  • Friday: No School - UF Homecoming!

7th Period: Forensics

  • Monday: Meet in Classroom: Review course syllabus and expectations // Begin Forensic Anthropology slideshow and fill out Human Skeleton label sheet.

  • Tuesday: Meet in Lab: Fill in the rest of Human Skeleton sheet and look at model of skeleton to identify and review the names of various bones // Identify the gender of our classroom skeleton using cranial and pelvic bones in groups.

  • Thursday: Meet in Classroom: Begin reading Chapter 13 packet answering questions as we go

  • Friday: No School - UF Homecoming!

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