Week 33: 4/25 - 4/29

Updated: Apr 29

***Weekly blog is subject to changes throughout the week based on class progress***

2nd Period: Biology


Monday: 11 Body Systems//Choose Groups//Topics//Brainstorm

Tuesday: The Nervous system 36.1 #1-4 Pg 950 and Senses 36.2 #1-4 Pg 955

Wednesday: Drug Effects 36.3 #1-4 Pg 963, Respiratory System 37.1 #1-4 Pg 974

Thursday: Respiration, Circulation, and Excretion Worksheets

Friday: Short EOC Quiz

3rd Period: Algebra 1

Monday: Difference of Squares, Trinomials, GCF

Tuesday: Dividing by a binomial, Quadratic Equation

Wednesday: GCF and Trinomial Equations

Thursday: Factoring Review, Quadratic Equations

Friday: Fun Friday!!

4th Period: Marine Biology

Monday: Researching Topic Solutions

Tuesday: Researching Topic Solutions

Wednesday: Pollution and Different Energy Solutions (Con’t)

Thursday: **UF Fisheries Field Trip** Study Hall for students who stay.

Friday: Fun Friday!!

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