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Week 3: Aug 25-30

1st Period: 8th Grade Science

Monday: Review Worksheet 1.3 // Start PowerPoint 1.4

Tuesday: Chapter 1 Vocab quiz // Finish 1.4 PowerPoint // Worksheet 29E&29G (HW if not finished in class)

Wednesday: Review worksheet // Chapter assessment pg. 31-33 # 1-18 &#1-6

Thursday: Review Chapter assessment // How to study

Friday: Chapter 1 Test

2nd Period: Biology

Monday: Chapter Review

Tuesday: Ch 1 Vocab Quiz// Go over chapter review // Study for test

Wednesday: Chapter 1 test

Thursday: Chapter 2 Vocab

Friday: Prefix/Root Quiz // Science Fair discussion

3rd Period: Planning

4th Period: 6th Grade Science

Monday: Review 651D & 651F Worksheets // Start 17.3 PowerPoint

Tuesday: Ch 17 Vocab Quiz// Start 17.4 power point

Wednesday: Worksheet 665F&G classwork & review // Worksheet packet catch up

Thursday: PowerPoint 17.5 & 17.6

Friday: Finish worksheet packet pages 657F&G and 683E&G

5th Period: 7th Grade Science

Monday: Review Worksheet 21D&21F // Start 1.3 power point

Tuesday: Vocab Quiz Ch1 // Finish 1.3 power point // Worksheet 31D&31F (HW if not finished in class)

Wednesday: ****early release *****Review worksheet ch1.3 // Start 1.4 power point if time

Thursday: Finish 1.4 & 1.5 Power point // Worksheets

Friday: Review 1.6 // worksheets

6th Period: STEM/Study Hall

Monday: Saving Sam Activity

Tuesday: Saving Sam Activity follow up

Wednesday: No class

Thursday: Math Madness

Friday: Fun Day

7th Period: Agricultural

Monday: Garden Prep Outside

Tuesday: Garden Prep Outside

Wednesday: No class

Thursday: Donors Choose Thank you cards // Garden pot prep

Friday: Planting Starters

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