Week 3.7 February 28 - March 4

1st Period: 6th Grade World History

Monday: Finish Spartan Shield activity from last week - display on bulletin board // Ancient Greece Word Search // Begin working on Chapter 10 Study Guide

Tuesday: Begin reading Chapter 10: Ancient Rome // Read Ch.10.1: The Rise of the Roman Republic pg. 310 // answer Reading Checks and Map Skills as we go

Wednesday: Read Ch.10.2: The Government of the Republic pg. 316 // Continue to fill out the study guide as we go

Thursday: Read Ch.10.3: Roman Society pg. 322

Friday: Read Ch.10.4: The Republic’s Growth pg. 326

2nd Period: 7th Grade Civics

Monday: Study EOC Flashcards // Copy Set 8 of EOC Flashcards

Tuesday: Study EOC Flashcards // Tinker v. Des Moines 1969 iCivics Lesson

Wednesday: Current Event Homework is DUE! // Loving v. Virginia 1967 iCivics Lesson

Thursday: Study EOC Flashcards // Trashketball on Set 8 flashcard terms

Friday: Study EOC Flashcards // EOC Test on Set 8

3rd Period: 6/7th Grade Advanced Reading

Monday: Complete “Writing a Letter” #2 pg. 354 // FSA Prep: Main Idea Task Cards 13 and 14 // New Vocab Packet: We’re Coming Up // Play vocab game and begin working on packets

Tuesday: Silent Reading // Read: The Bracelet pg. 356

Wednesday: Silent Reading // Complete Creative Writing Activity #2: Loyal Laurie on pg. 364

Thursday: Silent Reading // Practice Reading FSA

Friday: Vocabulary packets are DUE! // Vocab Test: We’re Coming Up // Silent Reading // Mad Libs

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