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Week 2.10: January 7th - 11th

1st Period: 6th Grade World History

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Welcome back from Christmas Break! Review school/classroom expectations and note-taking procedures

Wednesday: Begin reading Chapter 9: Ancient Greek Civilization pg. 274 // Take notes as we go

Thursday: Read 9.2 pg. 280 // Take notes as we go

Friday: open-note quiz on Chapter 9 sections 1 and 2

2nd Period: 7th Grade Civics

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Welcome Back! // Begin reading Chapter 8: The Judicial Branch pg. 218 //

Wednesday: Read Ch. 8.2: The Organization of the Federal Courts pg. 225

Thursday: Read Ch. 8.3: The Supreme Court pg. 230 // Begin Review and Assessment pg. 242 #1 - 11c and Standardized Test Practice # 1- 2 pg. 243.

Friday: Complete and turn in Chapter 8: Review and Assessment

3rd Period: 6/7th Grade Advanced Reading

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Welcome Back! // Silent Reading // Meet with Reading Teams and fill out planning sheets for Semester 2

Wednesday: Silent Reading // Begin reading “A Mason-Dixon Memory” pg. 206

Thursday: Silent Reading // Finish “A Mason-Dixon Memory” and read “Buddies Bare Their Affection for Ill Classmate” pg. 212

Friday: Silent Reading // Making Meanings pg. 213 # 1 - 5 in groups // Share answers and discuss, then answer questions 6 - 10 in a whole-class discussion

7th Period: Forensics

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Welcome Back! // Watch Forensic Files: Two in a Million and fill out guided note worksheet

Thursday: Begin reading Chapter 4: The Study of Fibers and Textiles // Watch video on Wayne Williams

Friday: Review Ch.4 vocabulary // Continue reading Chapter 4 answering questions as we go

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