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Week 1:8: October 4th - 8th

1st Period: 6th Grade World History

Monday: Complete Chapter 3 Study Guide in pairs

Tuesday: Review Chapter 3 Study Guide

Wednesday: Chapter 3 Review Game

Thursday: Chapter 3 test

Friday: No School - UF Homecoming!

2nd Period: 7th Grade Civics

Monday: Study EOC Flashcards // Read/Skim Chapter 3 pg. 64 - 86 and begin working on Chapter 3 Assessment pg. 57

Tuesday: Study EOC Flashcards // Finish Chapter 3 Assessment

Wednesday: Current Event Homework is DUE! // Chapter 3 Assessment Review Powerpoint

Thursday: Study EOC Flashcards // Chapter 3 Quiz // Flashcard test on Sets 1 - 3

Friday: No School - UF Homecoming!

3rd Period: 6/7th Grade Advanced Reading

  • Monday: Silent Reading // New Vocab Packet: They Look Like Us

  • Tuesday: Silent Reading // Read “Yes, It Was My Grandmother” pg. 117 and “Petals/Los petalos” pg. 121 answering questions and discussing as we go.

  • Wednesday: Silent Reading // Read The Mysterious Mr. Lincoln pg. 126 and Lincoln’s Humor pg. 132 // Answer Making Meanings questions 1 - 7, Skip 2 on page 135

  • Thursday: Vocabulary packets are DUE! // Vocab Test // Silent Reading // Mad Libs

  • Friday: No School - UF Homecoming!

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