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Week 1:7: September 27th - October 1st

1st Period: 6th Grade World History

Monday: Read Ch 3.3: The Assyrian and Persian Empires pg. 124

Tuesday: Read Ch 3.4: The Phoenicians pg. 132

Wednesday: Complete Chapter 3 Study Guide in pairs

Thursday: Cuneiform project

Friday: Cuneiform project // Review Chapter 3 Study Guide

2nd Period: 7th Grade Civics

Monday: Study EOC Flashcards // Copy Set 3

Tuesday: Study EOC Flashcards // Read “Wanted: A Just Right Government” iCivics Packet and complete crossword puzzle

Wednesday: Current Event Homework is DUE! // “Wanted: A Just Right Government” cut-out activity in groups - students will work together to identify cause/effect relationships for aspects of different stages of America’s government

Thursday: Study EOC Flashcards // Trashketball on EOC Flashcard Set 3

Friday: Study EOC Flashcards // Flashcard test on Set 3

3rd Period: 6/7th Grade Advanced Reading

Monday: Silent Reading // New Vocab Packet: Big Up Yourself

Tuesday: Silent Reading // Read “Storm” pg. 96 and “Call of the Wild” pg. 103

Wednesday: Silent Reading // Complete Making Meanings pg. 107 #1 - 4 together with your reading team.

Thursday: Silent Reading // Read “Brother” from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings pg. 109

Friday: Vocabulary packets are DUE! // Vocab Test // Silent Reading // Mad Libs

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