Week 1:4: September 6 - 10

1st Period: 6th Grade World History

Monday: No School - Labor Day!

Tuesday: Organize backpacks! // Review Chapter 1 Test results // Watch Beginning of Civilization video and take notes

Wednesday: Begin reading Chapter 2: Beginning of Civilization pg. 78 - The Story of Gilgamesh // Read Ch.2, Section 1: Early Agriculture pg. 82 answering questions as we go

Thursday: Read Ch.2, Section 2: Cities and Civilizations pg. 90

Friday: Review Chapter 2

2nd Period: 7th Grade Civics

Monday: No School - Labor Day!

Tuesday: Copy Set 2 of EOC Flashcards //Watch “Inside North Korea” documentary and take notes/discuss

Wednesday: Current Event Homework is DUE! // Watch “North Korea - Life Inside the Secret State” documentary and take notes/discuss

Thursday: Study EOC Flashcards // Using your notes from the two documentaries on North Korea and your course materials (textbook, flashcards), write a five-paragraph essay that compares and contrasts the governments of America and North Korea.

Friday: Flashcard Test on Set 2 // Finish working on five-paragraph essays - due at end of the period

3rd Period: 6/7th Grade Advanced Reading

Monday: No School - Labor Day!

Tuesday: Silent Reading // Begin reading “La Bamba” pg. 44

Wednesday: Silent Reading // Finish “La Bamba” and begin answering Making Meanings questions #1 - 6, skip 2 on pg. 50

Thursday: Silent Reading // Finish Making Meanings questions and work in groups to complete a poster for #4 on page 51.

Friday: Silent Reading // Finish posters from pg. 51 // Form reading teams and review the Genre Wheel // Mad Libs

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