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Week 1.4 September 12 - 16

1st Period: 6th Grade World History

Monday: Finish reading Chapter 2 and filling out Chapter 2 Study Guide

Tuesday: Correct Chapter 2 study guide with Chapter 2 slideshow

Wednesday: Review Chapter 2 study guide

Thursday: Chapter 2 Review Game!

Friday: Chapter 2 Review Test!

2nd Period: 7th Grade Civics

Monday: Using the notes we took on last week’s “Inside North Korea” documentary, write a 1-page reflection paper comparing/contrasting the governments of the US vs NK - finish for homework if not complete

Tuesday: Study EOC Flashcards // Civics Homework activity // Begin “Who Rules?” iCivics Lesson

Wednesday: Current Event Homework is DUE! // Finish “Who Rules?” iCivics Lesson

Thursday: Study EOC Flashcards // EOC Flashcard Review Game!

Friday: Study EOC Flashcards // EOC Flashcard Test on Set 2

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