Time Changes, but Reading Still Rocks! Mar. 9-13, 2020


MON: LAFS Bk - Unit 4 Assessment p.169-174. Read and do together.

TUE: LAFS bk - Lesson 18: Evaluating an Argument - p.179-186. Parts 1-5. Read and discuss 1-3 together. Parts 4, 5 - do independently.

WED: LAFS bk - Lesson 18: Evaluating an Argument - p.179-186. Parts 1-5.

THU: FSA Coach bk - Lesson 9: "Main Ideas & Details" p.90-93. Lesson 10: "Text Structures" p.94-97. Read and discuss together.

FRI: Word Wisdom bk - "The Greatest" (Latin & Greek Roots/vocabulary) p,76-80 - in pairs.

----ALL students are responsible for completing missing assignments. This should be done within 2 days of an absence, otherwise late points will be deducted.

---Low grades will have to be redone for more credit. Especially FSA Prep.


Work on Yearbook.

Make posters

Silent Reading / Study Hall.

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