Reading is FUN! Jan. 27-31, 2020


MON: Read and discuss "The Ivory-billed Woodpecker"newspaper article. P. 213-215. Review vocab words. Do questions p.216-17.

TUE: Complete Pro and Con chart p.218. Review vocab words p.219. Read "Sister, Brother Find New Angle..." p.219-220. Do Questions p.221-222.

WED: Packard Ad p.227. Do questions p.229. Design an ad for a magazine.

THU: LAFS Book. Unit 4. Lesson 13 p.119-126. Parts 1,2,3. (FSA REVIEW)

FRI: LAFS Book. Unit 4. Lesson 13 p.119-126. Parts 4,5. (FSA REVIEW)

MAKE-UP Work is due within 3 days of an absence.


Work on online Yearbook design.

Complete creating writing assignments as given.

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