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March 1-5, 2021 Welcome March!!!


Mon: The Perils of Bike Riding Around the School - essay - FSA practice.

Tue: "Blind Climber" p.218-221. Make 2 goals for year and describe them. Make the foldable on pg. 218.

Wed: Study Island

Thu: Read "Blind Climber" p.218-221. Do Questions on p.221.

Fri: Read and discuss "Near Death on the Football Field" ws p.47-53.


MON: Essay - due Tuesday at the beginning of class.

TUE: Yearbook!

THU: Yearbook!

FRI: Yearbook!


MON: Bernini - The Baroque Master. - watch a video and take notes.

TUE: Bernini - continue slide slow and take notes.

THU: Student Presentations - for a test grade. Take notes.

FRI: Student Presentations - for a test grade. Take Notes.

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