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Feb 28-March 4

3rd Period: 8th Grade Math/Pre-Algebra

Topic for the Week: Solving Equations


Monday Word Problems - identifying variables, write equations NA

Tuesday Solve Multiplication/Division Equations HW Bklt, 4-1D, pg 67

Wednesday Solve two-step equations HW Bklt, 5-3A, pg 97

Thursday Check for Understanding Quiz HW Bklt, 5-3C, pg 99

Friday Multi-step Equations NA

4th Period: 7th Grade Math

Topic for the Week: Proportional Relationships


Monday Real-world percent problems NA

Tuesday Percent proportions CW pg 320, 9-23(odd) HW Bklt,6-2B, pg 83 (odd)

Wednesday Estimating %, Solving prblms. CW, 6-2D, pg 87 HW Bklt, 6-2D, pg 88 (odd)

Thursday Mid Chapter Check Correct errors from

Friday Percent of Change. CW, pg 328, 7-19 (odd) Complete unfinished

5th Period: 6th Grade Math

Topic for the Week: Fractions, Decimal, and Percents


Monday Fractions and decimals to percents Wkst pg 83, 1-9

Tuesday % to fraction and decimals CW, pg 346 Txtbk, 274, 15-43 odd

Wednesday Percents >100, <1, Estimating %, CW 351-2 Mid Topic Check

Thursday Compare & Order Frac, Dec, % Worksheet

Friday Percent Equations and Proportions

6th Period: Geometry/STEM


Monday Geometry: Aleks

Tuesday STEM : Begin coding activity

Wednesday Geometry: Aleks (in lab)y

Thursday Geometry: Aleks or work from Ms. Ricks

Friday STEM:Continue coding activity

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WEEK OF NOVEMBER 27, 2023. **Subject to change LATE WORK WILL BE GRADED AS ZERO. BE RESPONSIBLE. If you have a valid excuse for not turning something in, you MUST email me the night before and ask

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