Feb 14-17, 2022

3rd Period: 8th Grade Math/Pre-Algebra

Topic for the Week: Square Roots, Radicals


Monday Multiply/Divide Scientific Notation HW Bklt, 5-C, pg 95

Tuesday Test - NA

Wednesday Square Roots/Prime Factorization HW Bklt, 5-3A, pg 97

Thursday Estimate Square Roots HW Bklt, 5-3C, pg 99

Friday Problem Solving with Square Roots NA

4th Period: 7th Grade Math

Topic for the Week: Proportional Relationships


Monday Identifying proportional relationships NA

Tuesday Interpreting proportional rel/tables and graphs Worksheet

Wednesday Equations from Graphs and Tables HW Bklt - TBD

Thursday Summary and Review Study/Review Guide

Friday Test - Proportions NA

5th Period: 6th Grade Math

Topic for the Week: Converting units of Measure


Monday Converting Metric Units (ladder method) Worksheet

Tuesday Converting Metric Units with Ratios Wksht 5-9, pg 77

Wednesday Customary-to-metric-to-customary Wrksht 5-10

Thursday Summarize, Review, FSA Practice Study

Friday Test - Conversions

6th Period: Geometry

Topic for the Week: Reasoning, Proofs


Monday Aleks - Homework Assignment, Inductive Reasoning

Tuesday In class - Venn Diagrams HW #8, 1st pg

Wednesday Aleks - Work on your program, topics vary

Thursday In class - Segment proofs (packet 39-43) Complete unfinished CW

Friday In class - Angle Proofs

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