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April 4/25/22

Week of 4/25/2022

6th Grade: ELA

Monday: Review with class Multiple choice strategies

ELA Spectrum WKBK pgs 90- 95- Begin 2.7 Imperative Sentences

Tuesday: History of Spices FSA Practice Grade 6

Wednesday: Day 2 ELA WkBk Spectrum pgs. 92-94 Lesson 2.8 Question Marks/ FSA Practice Hx of Spices

Thursday: Day 3 WkBk ELA Spectrum pgs.94 & 95 Leoon 2.9 Exclamation Points/ Review all answers with class Hx of Spices

Friday: Readworks- Quiz/ Silent reading

Grade 7

Monday: Review with class Multiple choice strategies

Spectrum ELA pgs 91-92 Lesson 2.11, 2,12 Hyphens, dashes, and parentheses FSA Reading Practice

Tuesday: Chap 2 ELA Spectrum WKBK -93-94/ FSA Reading Practice

Wednesday: Day 3 FSA Review answers with the class and complete discussion questions

Thursday- 95,96 Chapter 3 Word Roots/ Silently read

Friday: Readworks Quiz/ Silently Read

Grade 8

Monday: ELA Spectrum Wkbk pgs 2.10 Quotations Marks pgs 87-88

Tuesday: “Ruthless” FSA Reading Practice

Wednesday: Discussion Questions for “Ruthless”

Thursday: Review Answers with Class for FSA Practice/Review with class Multiple choice strategies

Friday: Reading Comprehension Quiz

8th Grade Reading

Monday: Question for “The Deserter” pg 598 1-10

Tuesday: Begin with students, “Barbara Frietchie” Poem read and complete the exercise on pg 605

Wednesday: “Casey And The Bat” pgs 606-608 Students write a reflection on the Poem

Thursday: pg 632-” The Gettysburg Address” pg 622-627 Questions 1-9

Friday: FSA Practice Reading Comprehension Practice Test

Grade 9/10

Monday: EOL-Discovering the Truth pg 816-833

Review The White Heron 824-833

Tuesday: Continue from Previous day/EOL-Discovering the Truth pg 816-833

Review The White Heron 824-833

Wednesday-All Questions due from The White Heron and an activity ‘Student will create a picture book-

Thursday: Students will complete the Picture Book Activity for the White Heron

Friday: Readworks Quiz/ Silently Read

Grade 11/12

Monday: EOL An Academy For Women- pgs 576-582. A persuasive editorial. Introduce the topic and have students complete vocabulary and comprehension questions: 1,2,3 and 7 is an essay response.

Tuesday: From EOL: Inquiry and research question #4 Students will use this assignment to complete the Advertisement on pg 583 question #1.

Wednesday: Thinking Through the Literature review with students. Discuss evidence from the text. Finish questions from pg 583 question.

Thursday: Students will write an essay on question pg 583

Friday: Finish yesterday’s assignment. #7 complete the assignment.

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