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April 25-29

3rd Period: 8th Grade Math/Pre-Algebra

Topic for the Week: Statistics; Solving Linear Equations


Monday Box & Whisker Plots. Video and Practice HW Bklt 8-2B, pg 139

Tuesday Scatterplots Mid Topic Check, pg 229-30

Wednesday Solving Linear Equations TBD

Thursday Solving Linear Equations Comprehensive worksheet

Friday Review of week, FSA practice FSA Practice (link on Google


4th Period: 7th Grade Math

Topic for the Week: Statistics, Probability


Monday Complete Friday’s packet; Probability HW Blkt, 7-2A, pg 103

Tuesday Review 7-2A. Compound Events HW Bklt, 7-2E, pg 109

Wednesday Fundamental Counting Principle. FSA prac HW Bklt, 7-2C, pg 107

Thursday Test - Central Tendency, Variability, Probability Angles Packet

Friday Angles and Lines, FSA practice (link on

Google Classroom)

5th Period: 6th Grade Math

Topic for the Week: Volume and Surface Area


Monday Revisit Coordinate plane and quadrants NA

Tuesday Identifying 3D shapes, Volume and SA XC, Spectrum page 110.

Wednesday Surface Area, Pyramids Spectrum pages 117-118

Thursday Test; Plotting Data Cumulative review

Friday Plotting Data

6th Period: Geometry/STEM


Monday Geometry: Study Transformations/Aleks

Tuesday STEM : Finish puzzles from Friday

Wednesday Geometry: Aleks (in lab)

Thursday STEM: Computer coding

Friday Geometry: Ms. Rick’s assignments or ALEKS

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