Apr. 19-23, 2021


MON: Finish FSA Prep packet - (main idea, inference, point of view). Students should be working on Book Report.

TUE: Red Book: Reading Test practice 2 p.294-303. Questions p.299-303.

WED: Reading practice test type 1 p. 305-08. Q's p.305-08.

THU: Study Island

FRI: Vocabulary Les. 4 Antonyms p,15-17. Letter for the future p.16.


MON: Finish movie about Artemisia Gentileschi.

TUE: Begin Caravaggio: Master of Light

THU: Make-up/Study day

FRI: Caravaggio: Master of Light


MON: Work on Yearbook. Take photos of new students.

TUE: Work on Yearbook.

THU: Work on Yearbook.

FRI: Work on Yearbook.

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