Week of 4/19/2022

6th Grade: ELA


Tuesday: ABC Poetry Brain Teaser

Spectrum WKBK- ELA- pgs 86-93 FSA Practice Grade 6 Pgs 94-104 Spies In Petticoats

Wednesday: ELA WkBk Spectrum pgs. 81-89 2.7: Commas in Letters/ Silent reading

Thursday: Day 2 WkBk ELA Spectrum pgs. 87-89 2.8 Semicolons and Colons

Friday: Readworks- Quiz/ Silent reading

Grade 7


Tuesday: ABC Poetry Brain Teaser/ The Legend of the Cedar Tree FSA Practice pgs1-14.

Wednesday: ELA WkBk pgs. Semicolons pg 83 Introduce Complete pages 84-87 Using Italics and Underlining

Thursday- Complete lesson from the previous day up to pg 87 Setting off Dialogue/ Silently read

Friday: Readworks Quiz/ Silently Read

Grade 8


Tuesday: ELA Spectrum Wkbk pgs 2.9 Quotations Marks pgs 85-86

Wednesday: Lesson 2.10 Italics and Underlining pg 87/ Alliteration Poem

Thursday: Silent Read and Character Analysis

Friday: Readworks Quiz/ Silently Read

8th Grade Reading


Tuesday: Review with students “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” All questions. Begin The Deserter

Wednesday: Complete the Deserter

Thursday: Complete the Deserter All Questions

Friday: FSA Practice Reading Comprehension Practice Test

Grade 9/10


Tuesday: EOL: Leo Tolstoy's “After The Ball” Students will read and complete a character list from Short Story

Wednesday: Complete reading “After the Ball” by Leo Tolstoy pg 664-675

Thursday: Students will research Tolstoy and write a brief history of the author’s non-violent philosophy

Friday: Readworks Quiz/ Silently Read

Grade 11/12

Monday: No School

Tuesday: From EOL: Begin reading with students pgs 535-539 “ Essay of A Man”

Wednesday: Thinking Through the Literature review with students. Discuss evidence from the text. Finish questions from Essay of a Man and Epigrams pgs 535 and 539

Thursday: Students will practice making their own modern-day comparisons to a What is A Man -Students may use a game charter or Tv Influence

Friday: Finish yesterdays’ assignment- If enough time begin the literary devices bingo definitions sheet

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