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Week of 4/19/2022

6th Grade: ELA


Tuesday: ABC Poetry Brain Teaser

Spectrum WKBK- ELA- pgs 86-93 FSA Practice Grade 6 Pgs 94-104 Spies In Petticoats

Wednesday: ELA WkBk Spectrum pgs. 81-89 2.7: Commas in Letters/ Silent reading

Thursday: Day 2 WkBk ELA Spectrum pgs. 87-89 2.8 Semicolons and Colons

Friday: Readworks- Quiz/ Silent reading

Grade 7


Tuesday: ABC Poetry Brain Teaser/ The Legend of the Cedar Tree FSA Practice pgs1-14.

Wednesday: ELA WkBk pgs. Semicolons pg 83 Introduce Complete pages 84-87 Using Italics and Underlining

Thursday- Complete lesson from the previous day up to pg 87 Setting off Dialogue/ Silently read

Friday: Readworks Quiz/ Silently Read

Grade 8


Tuesday: ELA Spectrum Wkbk pgs 2.9 Quotations Marks pgs 85-86

Wednesday: Lesson 2.10 Italics and Underlining pg 87/ Alliteration Poem

Thursday: Silent Read and Character Analysis

Friday: Readworks Quiz/ Silently Read

8th Grade Reading


Tuesday: Review with students “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” All questions. Begin The Deserter

Wednesday: Complete the Deserter

Thursday: Complete the Deserter All Questions

Friday: FSA Practice Reading Comprehension Practice Test

Grade 9/10


Tuesday: EOL: Leo Tolstoy's “After The Ball” Students will read and complete a character list from Short Story

Wednesday: Complete reading “After the Ball” by Leo Tolstoy pg 664-675

Thursday: Students will research Tolstoy and write a brief history of the author’s non-violent philosophy

Friday: Readworks Quiz/ Silently Read

Grade 11/12

Monday: No School

Tuesday: From EOL: Begin reading with students pgs 535-539 “ Essay of A Man”

Wednesday: Thinking Through the Literature review with students. Discuss evidence from the text. Finish questions from Essay of a Man and Epigrams pgs 535 and 539

Thursday: Students will practice making their own modern-day comparisons to a What is A Man -Students may use a game charter or Tv Influence

Friday: Finish yesterdays’ assignment- If enough time begin the literary devices bingo definitions sheet

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Note: This Agenda Blog is only an approximate plan of the weekly lesson plans. Changes can and will be made due to unanticipated circumstances and in order to maximize instructional effectiveness. Eco

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