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Week of September 25 - September 29

***Please check this regularly throughout the week as I update/change things as we move forward****


1st Period: Geometry Monday: Introduction to Transformation: Translation (L2-4)

--> HW due Wednesday: Odds on Translations worksheet handed out to class

Tuesday: Finish Translation notes (Review HW)

Wednesday: Collect HW // Reflection Notes (x- and y- axis)

--> HW due Friday Reflection WS: #1,4,11,13,15,16

Thursday: Rotation Notes

--> HW due Monday: Rotation WS #1,3,7,9,11,13

Friday: Collect HW // Review for Quiz next week

QUIZ next Tuesday on L2-3 and 2-4

2nd Period: Biology

Monday: Vocab quiz #31 - 40 and Prefix/roots #5 // Review for Ch 3 test

Tuesday: Ch 3 Test

Wednesday: Ch 4.1 slides and activity

Thursday: Ch 4.2 slides and worksheet

Friday: Ch4 group activity

Ch 4 Test Next Tuesday

3rd Period: Algebra I

Monday: Algebra Quiz L1-4 and L1-5

--> HW Due Wednesday: Pg 55#2,4,10,14,15,18,19 (7 problems)

Tuesday: L1-6 Rearranging Formulas Examples #11, EX 3, // Algebra Quiz Group corrections

Wednesday: Review HW // L1-6 Ex 5&6 CW#23

HW due Friday: Pg 55-57#8,16,24,27,28,34,39 (7 probloems)

Thursday: Continue Group corrections // CW Binder check

Friday: Module 1 Review

Module 1 Test Next Monday

4th Period: Personal Finance

Monday: Finishing touches on Credit Card Project

Tuesday: Start of the Credit Card Presentation

Wednesday: Finish Credit Card Presentation

Thursday: Wrapping up Credit

Friday: Loans

5th Period: EMR Monday: Practice Medical Scenario 1: Heart Attack

Tuesday: Trauma Rubric

Wednesday: Vitals Practice // Shock Management // Trauma Practice if time allows

Thursday: Chest Wounds // Vitals Practice

Friday: Bleeding Control

7th Period: Research Monday: Algebra and geometry review

Tuesday: ALEKS // geometry review

Wednesday: No Class

Thursday: Algebra and Geometry review

Friday: Geometry and Algebra Review

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