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Week of September 12, 2022

WEEK OF September 12, 2022 **Subject to change due to class progress

Period 1: English 9/10

Monday: Group binder peer check and GRADING. Text work, pages 48 – 55. Vocab: In-class / homework: dimension, external, statistic, sustain, utilize. Part of speech, define, use in a sentence.

Tuesday: Learn: Poetry Characteristics Resource; read and analyze “The Rose That Grew from Concrete” poem.

Wednesday: GRADED classwork: create poem about survival or crisis. Use rhyme and at least one of: simile, metaphor, personification. You will be partially GRADED on your focus on completing the assignment.

Thursday: RESOURCE HANDOUT: MEMOIRS. Read aloud, “from Night” and p. 67 GRADED assessment.

Friday: Fun Friday shorter period. TBD.

Period 2: ELA 6

Monday: Meet with students re: interim grades. In-class Editing Task.

Tuesday: PM1 ELA Testing

Wednesday: Review author’s purpose and point of view. Preview and read aloud, “What’s so Funny, Mr. Scieszka.” Text p. 32. GRADED reading and discussion.

Thursday: Review Text page 30 and review concepts. GRADED Text pg. 40 group table work / analyze story.

Friday: Review Monday’s Editing Task. In-class vocabulary work, Text pg. 42, pronouns review p. 43, GRADED Practice and Apply p. 43.

Period 3: Literacy

Monday: Group Binder check and GRADING. Handout resource MAKING AN ARGUMENT and discuss.

Tuesday: Go over sample argument essay – GRADED discussion.

Wednesday: Assign essay: Choices:

1. A system of education where middle schoolers learn only by computer is superior to learning only in the classroom.

2. A system of education where middle schoolers learn only in the classroom is superior to learning only by computer.

Choose a position and prepare an outline. No research needed but use points and examples that are NOT your feelings (no “I” sentences except for your statement of claim).

Thursday: Work on Essay assigned. You will be GRADED on your focus on working on the essay in class both Thursday and Friday.

Friday: Edit, revise, and finalize essay assigned and turn it in. Put your statement of certification on it or points off. “I certify that I reviewed the Writing Checklist before turning in my paper.” Put your signature after it. Turn in your outline with your essay. Essay and outline will be GRADED.

Period 4: English 11/12

Monday – Friday: We are working on the ethnography project. We will focus on how to do field work and write up entries and plan a timeline for fieldwork. Class participation, field work entry samples and plan will be GRADED.

Period 5: ELA 7

Monday: Folktale due Monday before school starts. PM1 ELA testing.

Tuesday: Group Binder peer check and GRADING. Introduce comparisons of different versions of the same story, Text, pg. 56; discuss juvenile justice; consider: should juvenile criminals be treated as adults? GRADED discussion.

Wednesday: Text pg. 58: analyze narrator, graphic novels. Vocabulary: detention, voice-over, acknowledge, suppress. Part of speech, define, use in a sentence. GRADED.

Thursday - Friday: Starting at Text pg. 60, we will review comparisons of screenplays and graphic novels. Read excerpts from “Monster” screenplay and graphic novel reading.

Period 6: Law

Monday – Friday. We will review the Sales and Financials Section. GRADED: By the end of class on Friday, the student will submit that section of the business plan and sales projections, 12-month sales forecast, cost structure, start-up costs and promotional budget, revenue and cost stream, after-sale services.

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