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Week of February 12

***Please check this regularly throughout the week as I update/change things as we move forward****

Late work will be graded as a ZERO. If you have an excused absence, you are responsible to bring the homework you missed the day you return to school (follow this Agenda blog). Email me if you have any questions about the work.


1st Period: Geometry Google Classroom code: pzel37o Monday: Review Quiz // Quiz 4-1

Tuesday: Congruent Triangles

 --> HW 4 Due Wed. 2/14/24  (#1,2-12 evens) 6 problems

Wednesday: Triangle Congruence: SSS and SAS

 --> HW 5 Due Thur. 2/15/24 (#1-7)

Thursday: SSS vs. SAS; SSS in the Coordinate Plane

--> HW 5 Due (next) Tuesday 2/20/24 (#8-12)

Friday: No School

--> Next Tuesday Quiz 4-3 Review

--> Next Wednesday Quiz 4-3

2nd Period: Biology Google Classroom code: 67srerz

Monday: Chapter 15 vocab // Chapter 15 packet

--> Next vocab quiz Tuesday 2/20/24 : Chapter 16

Tuesday: Chapter 15 slides

--> Chapter 15 packet due next Tuesday

Wednesday: Chapter 15 (amoeba sisters)

Thursday: Chapter 15

Friday: No School

--> Ch 15 test Wed. 2-21-23

3rd Period: Algebra I

Monday: L4-4 Warm-up //Examples 1 & 2 (CW: #1,3,5)

--> HW Due Tuesday (2/13/24) Pg 241 #2,4,6 [3 questions]

Tuesday: y=mx+b to standard form drill // L4-5 Ex 1&2

--> HW Due Wednesday (2/14/24): Pg 247-248 #2,4,6 [3 questions]

Wednesday: Review HW // Review L4-3 to 4-5

Thursday: Quiz L4-3 and 4-5

--> HW Due Tuesday (2/20/24): Ch 4 Study Guide

Friday: No School

*** Videos to help with homework (click for video):

Extra credit will be rewarded to those students that take notes on the videos above

4th Period: Personal Finance Google Classroom code:j6vbxyc

Monday: Federal income taxes (problem solving)

Tuesday: Using Tax Form 1040EZ

Wednesday: Itemized Deduction

Thursday: State and City Income Taxes

Friday: No School

--> Review Next Tuesday (2/20/24)

--> Quiz on this week's content next Wednesday (2/21/24)

5th Period: Forensics Google Classroom code: y32x65m Monday:  Chapter 4 video

Tuesday: Ch 4 Vocab Quiz

Wednesday: Ch 4 bellringer

Thursday: Ch 4 finish up ppt

Friday: No School

7th Period: Research Monday: ALEKS // algebra review

Tuesday: ALEKS // geometry review

Wednesday: No Class

Thursday: ALEKS // Review

Friday: No school

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