Week of 9/26-9/30

Updated: Sep 28

Please check daily for changes


M: ATP review // making kombucha for fermentation lab

T: photosynthesis review and lab // science project mini meetings

W: cellular respiration review // science project mini meetings

Th: ch 9 jeopardy exam review

F: ch 9 exam

Algebra 9A:

2-5 video


M: finish lesson 2-3 // HW #9 pg 109-110 #1-20


0075_001 (1)
Download PDF • 386KB

T: 2-4

W: 2-4 // 2-5

Th: finish 2-5

Lesson 2-5
Download PDF • 4.96MB

F: Ch 2 exam (May move to Monday)

Algebra 9B:

M: go over HW #9// lesson 2-5 // assign HW #10 pg 121-122 #1-8


Download PDF • 419KB

T: finish lesson 2-5

W: HW #10 due // review

Th: exam review

F: Ch 2 exam


M: Finish practicals // Begin chapter 4 // vocab sheets


T: Finish ch 4

W: ch 4 skills lab

Th: skills

F: skills


M: Begin chapter 4 // vocab sheets


T: catching killers video // send home permission slip

W: no class

Th: escape room // activity

F: escape room

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