Week of 1/11 - 1/15

This is subject to change if I feel as though the students are proficient or not at these topics

Algebra 1:

Monday- Review of Midterm. Study for midterm

Tuesday- Midterm!!!

Wednesday- Intro to solving a system of equations by substitution. The homework will be a worksheet on it

Thursday- Continuing with worksheet day on substitution. The homework will be if you don't finish the worksheet

Friday- Book work day! Pg 155, 17,19,20,21,22


Monday- Start on multiplying exponents. The homework will be a worksheet

Tuesday- Continue with multiplying exponents with different bases. The homework will be another worksheet.

Wednesday- Start on dividing exponents with same base. Homework will be a worksheet

Thursday- Watching the video on dividing exponents.

Friday- Worksheet day on Exponents

7th Grade Math:

Monday- Review for quiz on Equivalent Ratios

Tuesday- Quiz on Equivalent Ratios

Wednesday- Introduction to scale drawings/models. The homework will be a worksheet

Thursday- Worksheet day on Scale Drawings/Models

Friday- Friday Gameday

6th Grade Math:

Monday- Quiz on Unit Rate

Tuesday- Introduction to Proportion Tables. The homework will be a worksheet

Wednesday- Worksheet day on Proportion Tables. If you don't finish, it will be for homework

Thursday- Khan Academy review of Proportion Tables.

Friday- Friday Gameday


Monday- Quiz on Alternate Interior/Exterior Angles

Tuesday - Introduction to Triangles. The homework will be a worksheet on Exterior Triangle angles

Wednesday- Worksheet day on exterior triangle angles

Thursday- Finding angles between intersecting lines on Khan Academy

Friday- Ted Talk Friday with a student reflection paragraph

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