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Week 24: 2/14 - 2/18

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

***Weekly blog is subject to changes throughout the week based on class progress***

2nd Period: Biology

Monday: EOC Verbal Test (From Test #4)/ Chapter 15.2 End of Section Questions 1-5 **Turn in

Tuesday: EOC and ROOT words/ Chapter 16.1 End of Section Questions 1-5 **Turn in/EOC Packet Pages 45-49

Wednesday: EOC and Root words/Review EOC Packet

Thursday: EOC and Root Quiz/Review for EOC Practice Test

Friday: Verbal EOC Practice Test #5

3rd Period: Algebra 1

Monday: Math EOC Verbal Test (From Systems of Equations test)

Tuesday: Application for Systems of Equations/HW # 6

Wednesday: Review Hw #6—Turn in/ Quiz 5-2 (Verbal as a class)

Thursday: Solving Systems with Matricies/ Hw#7

Friday: Verbal Systems of Equations Test

4th Period: Marine Biology

Monday: Working on Plastic Sculpture

Tuesday: Plastic Sculptures

Wednesday: Marine Documentary/Notes/Questions

Thursday: Review Questions


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