Feb 24-28

1st Period: 8th Grade Science

Monday: Finish 10.3 notes and start worksheets

Tuesday: Review All worksheets

Wednesday: Brain dump Practice // Start chapter review pg 365-367 #1-15 &1-5

Thursday: Finish and review chapter pages

Friday: Chapter 10 test

2nd Period: Biology

Monday: EOC page 41 // EOC vocab words on study paper 101-120

Tuesday: Review EOC page 41 // start reproductive section

Wednesday: Reproduction section cont.

Thursday: EOC test prep for test

Friday: EOC test pages 11-20

3rd Period: Liberal Arts Math

Monday: Floor plan project cont

Tuesday: Student teacher // Floor plan project cont

Wednesday: Student teacher

Thursday: Wrap up floor plan project

Friday: Floor plan project presentation

4th Period: 6th Grade Science

Monday: Review worksheet pages completed so far

Tuesday: Notes 1.5 &1.6 // worksheets if time

Wednesday: Worksheets and review // start chapter review (Chapter review pg # 41-43 # 1-5, 7-11,13-16,1-5)

Thursday: Go over review and study for test

Friday: Chapter 1 Test

5th Period: Agricultural

Monday: Seed range and dates // outdoor prep

Tuesday: Garden upkeep

Wednesday: No class

Thursday: Planting

Friday: Mr. Johnson fun day

6th Period: 7th Grade Science

Monday: 7.3 reading and discussions

Tuesday: 7.3 worksheets // review worksheets

Wednesday: ****early release ***** Chapter 7 vocab test

Thursday: 7.4 reading, discussion and notes

Friday: 7.4 worksheets // review worksheets

7th Period: Planning

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