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Week 2.4 Nov30-Dec 4

6th Grade

Monday: LAFS pgs 52-58 The Wind

Tuesday: Grammar Pgs 74-76 Tricky Verbs

Wednesday: EOL pgs 128-146 Poetry Elements

Thursday: Literary Bingo

Friday: Scrabble Tournament

7th Grade

Mon day: LAFS 52-58 The Wind

Tuesday Grammar Pgs 74-76

Wednesday: EOL 147-149 Analyzing A Poem

Thursday: Literary Bingo

Friday: Scrabble Tournament

8th Grade

Monday: LAFS The Wind LAFS 52-58

Tuesday: Grammar pgs:74-76

Wednesday: EOL pgs:147-149 ‘Responding To A Poem

Thursday: Literary Bingo

Friday: Scrabble Tournament

9/10th Grade

Monday: Comparison /Contrast essay

Tuesday: A Sound Of Thunder pgs. 97-98 Elements of Language

Wednesday: The Necklace by Guy de Muapassant Pgs 4-16

Thursday: Vocabulary-Workshop Unit 1 Level H Pgs 5-11

Friday: Scrabble Tournament

11/12 Grade

Monday: Essay Comparison/Contrast Essay

Tuesday: Between Heaven and Hell Pgs 134-142 Literature Text

Wednesday: Between Heaven And Hell Pgs 134-142 Literature Text

Thursday: EOL Pgs. Rhetorical Analysis Of Between Heaven And Hell: Paradox, Metaphor, Allusion

Friday: Scrabble Tournament

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