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Week of October 9 - October 13

***Please check this regularly throughout the week as I update/change things as we move forward****


1st Period: Geometry Monday: Create Door

--> HW due Thursday: Module 2 Review Part A // EC Module 2 Review Part B

Tuesday: Create Door

Wednesday: Create Door

Thursday: Create Door

Friday: Pep Rally

2nd Period: Biology

Monday: Vocab quiz #51-55 and Prefix/roots #8&9 // CH 5 Review (end of chapter assessment)

-->Quiz Next Monday: EOC words 56-60 ; Pre/roots: 10& 11

Tuesday: Ch 5 Test

Wednesday: Ch 6 PowerPoint // Videos

--> Cell Project Due Next Monday

Thursday: Ch 6 PowerPoint

Friday: Pep Rally

Ch 6 Test Next Tuesday

3rd Period: Algebra I

Monday: L2-1 Example 4&5 CW Check page 73, #24 pg76

HW due Wednesday: L2-1 Pg 76 #16-26 (evens), 27

Tuesday: L2-1 Ex 6 Individual CW: Check Pg 74

Groups Pg. 77-78 #32,34,37,39,41,43,45

Wednesday: Collect HW // L2-1 Quiz

Thursday: Review Quiz // L2-2 Ex 1,2

HW: due Monday Pg 85 #1-8 Friday: Pep Rally

4th Period: Personal Finance

Monday: Make Up work

Tuesday: Comparing Credit plans

--> Unfinished work due Wednesday

Wednesday: Leaning about Federal Financial Aid// Video and Worksheet

Thursday: FAFSA Scenario group work

Friday: Pep Rally

5th Period: EMR Monday: Finish Vitals Quiz / DCAPBTLS

Tuesday: Retake for Vitals // Practice Scenario Medical

Wednesday: Start Section 4

Thursday: Continue Section 4

Friday: Pep Rally

7th Period: Research Monday: Algebra and geometry review

Tuesday: ALEKS // geometry review

Wednesday: No Class

Thursday: Algebra and Geometry review

Friday: Pep Rally

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