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Week of Oct 25-29

Grade 6:

Monday: WKBK ELA Spectrum -Lesson 1.16 pgs. 44-55 Complete all the parts. The teacher will introduce and read the lesson with students and have them complete the exercises with a teacher.

Tuesday: Spectrum Reading Class Activity -Make sentences for assessment in Spectrum WKBK Pgs 48-51

Wednesday: Using the Spectrum Writing Pgs 48-49- Students will write a story on a researched topic. Students may use encyclopedias and supervised computer time.

Thursday: Write a 5 paragraph- Expository essay on a natural science topic. Ex. Oceans, Volcanoes, or an animal.

Friday: Turn in Graphic Organizer on the researched topic

Grade 7

Monday: The Past was Video now the Present is Digital. Students will read the pgs in EOL of Language: 111-115. They will reflect on the video-making section and think about how technology has advanced They will choose an advanced technological way of how people make videos today and watch TV and gather information for Research Projects.

Tuesday: Spectrum pgs. 5-14 Language Arts. The teacher will read and complete exercises with students

Wednesday: Graphic Organizer-Its not what it seems-

Thursday: Combining Words Activity with students

Friday: Spectrum Workbook pgs ELA Lesson 3.0 9-14 ELA. Complete this with the students

Grade 8

Monday: EOL- Cause and Effect Reading on pgs. 84-96. The class will read text with the teacher and then answer the Your Turns and all the Practice

Tuesday: Students will complete your turns/ the practices for pgs84-92

Wednesday: ELA WKBK Read with class pgs 44-55 Students will answer the questions with the teacher

Thursday: Writing Spectrum WKBK pgs. 46-47 Lesson 13 “Story Ideas”

Friday: Complete It's not what it seems -Writing Activity

Grade 9 & 10th

Monday: Dial Vs Digital pgs. EOL 107-111

Isaac Asimov/ Class Discussion

The teacher will read with students and answer the questions.

Tuesday: Class discussion How has technology advance?

Wednesday: Complete the question #6 and #7 with the entire class Pg 111

Thursday: Read with class EOL Pg. 110-111

Interpret the Art from Salvador Dali. Compare the short story with the meanings discussed in class about the technological influence in today’s world

Friday: Complete a Sketch on Today’s Teen- and how will technology have changed 20 years from now?

Grade 11 & 12

Monday: The Iliad pg. 66-86 -Students will recreate and sketch a storyboard while analyzing and providing a detailed summary of the readings

Tuesday: Continue from yesterday-Students will recreate and sketch a storyboard while analyzing and providing a detailed summary of the readings

Wednesday- Continue from yesterday Students will recreate and sketch a storyboard while analyzing and providing a detailed summary of the readings

Thursday- Rhetorical Devices. Juxtaposition, and Parallelism – The Desolation of Troy Pgs.

Friday- Scrabble Tournament

Grade 8 Reading:

Monday: Complete the storyboard for Spooky Tale

Tuesday: Elements of Literature: A Smart Cookie 116-119 By Sandra Cisneros Read the story

With students, answer the questions and discuss literary elements and figurative Language

Wednesday: Complete from yesterday's assignment… A Smart Cookie- Write a graphic organizer on the prompt: What I need to do to be Successful!

Thursday: Write the essay timed prompt from the G.O What I Need to Do to be Successful

5 paragraphs 5-7 sentences each paragraph, grammatically correct

Friday: Scrabble Tournament

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