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Week of 8/22-8/26

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Please check this regularly throughout the week as I update/change things as we move forward.

1st Period: Biology

Use HW packet to study for exam!

M: Explain Science Fair // Amoeba Sisters video and worksheet // Finish Ch 6 powerpoint and notes // HW #2 pg 151 6.1 assessment due Tuesday

3265_001 (1)
Download PDF • 3.08MB

T: HW #2 due // thinking critically pg 154 classwork

W: HW#1 due // exam 1 review


Th: Exam 1

F: Science fair letter signed by parents due // begin chapter 7

2nd Period: Algebra

*notice: update 8/25 I will be granting an extension on HW #3 to Monday, and moving quiz #1 to Monday as well. If you need extra help or have any concerns please feel free to reach out.

M: HW #1 due // Finish lesson 1-2 examples 2 and 3 // HW #2 pg 19 and 20 #s: 1-37, 41 a,b,c, 42 a,b,c due Wednesday (see attached pdf)

Download PDF • 185KB

T: Lesson 1-3 examples 1-3

W: Lesson 1-3 examples 4-6 // HW #2 due // HW #3 pg 27-29 #'s: 1-52 due Friday (see attached pdf)

Download PDF • 338KB


1-3 Examples 1,2,3
Download PDF • 2.77MB

1-3 Examples 4,5,6
Download PDF • 2.49MB

LESSON 1-3, EXAMPLES 6,7 (ignore title of document) includes hint to homework

1-3 Examples 4,5,6
Download PDF • 4.74MB

Th: Finish lesson 1-3 example 7 // answer questions and independent classwork

F: HW #3 due // Quiz 1 on 1.1-1.3 // start lesson 1-4

3rd Period: Algebra

review above to 2nd period for info. Any class specific changes will be listed here.

4th Period: EMR

HW all week -> practice vitals on family/friends at home and study for exam

M: vocab quiz // week one skills notes

T: finish week one skills notes // vitals practice W: vitals practice

Th: Exam 1 on chapter 1 ppt and in-class skills material

F: Vitals quiz in class (must demonstrate correctly taking all vitals in under 2.5 min)

6th Period: Forensics

HW all week -> study for exam

M: vocab quiz // begin working on escape room

T: work in groups on escape room

W: no class

Th: work in groups on escape room

F: Escape room section 1 due at beginning of class on google classroom // Exam 1 on chapter one material

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