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Week of 8/21-8/25

First Period: Middle School World History

Monday: Timeline Design

Tuesday: Core Concepts: Measuring Time

Wednesday: Finish Reading 1.1 Pg.60-63 Do Section 1 assessment with partner

Thursday: Hunter-Gatherer Societies

Friday: Read Chapter 1.2 Do Section 2 assessment with partner

Third Period: High School Three-Dimensional Studio Art 1

Monday: 3-D Drawing Man and the Moon

Tuesday: Independent Study: Choice Board

Wednesday:3-D Drawing Rainbow and Flag Pole

Thursday: Tin Foil Sculpture

Friday: Tin Foil Sculpture cont’d

Fourth Period: 6th Grade Earth Science

Monday: Review and Reinforce “The Earth System” pg. 9D

Tuesday: Science Fair/ How Do You Study?

Wednesday: The Earth System Quiz

Thursday: Ch. 1.2 Earth’s Interior pgs.10-13 Make vocabulary cards

Friday: Ch.1.2 Earth’s Interior pgs. 14-15 Make vocabulary cards

Fifth Period: High School Theatre 1

Monday: Read the Play “The Tempest”

Tuesday: Role Play Games

Wednesday: Read the Play “The Legend Of the Blue Sapphire”

Thursday: Role Play Games: Crazy Scene

Friday: Role Play Games: Two Emotions

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