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Week of 4/24-4/28

Updated: Apr 28

Please check daily as I make frequent changes

*Assignments for biology are posted ahead of time during the week, thus students are responsible to turn in all missing work on the day they return from an absent day. Students are still required to take exams on the day they are held if they were absent a day prior. This is due to the rigor and schedule of EOC preparation to ensure your child is on track and prepared for the exam that is upcoming in less than 4 weeks*

Biology: M: Begin ch 8 and 9 vocab 45 terms -PARENTS: students need flashcards and need to bring to class daily. STUDENTS: if you do not have flashcards that is not an excuse to finish the assignment, please make your flashcards from paper

T: work on eoc packet

large packet pages 16-26

small packet pages 26-31 & 37-51

W: ch 8 and 9 vocab quiz

Th: class redo of ch 8 and 9 vocab quiz with different format/ eoc packets due, go over correct answers


Algebra 9A and 9B:

M: begin week 4

T: week 4 questions due / go over questions

W: wrap up any questions

Th: week 3 and 4 quiz / week 5 at home

F: finish week 5 in class and check for a grade / work on week 6 over weekend

Week 3 workthrough
Download PDF • 2.34MB

Week 4 work through
Download PDF • 2.05MB


M: finish documentary

T: work on essay in class

W: work on essay in class: 250 words on picking a drug, brief recap of their story, brief recap of what the drug is what is does and how it affects you. What you learned and why it is significant to you

Th: essay due

F: skills quiz


M: review day

T: ch 12 exam

W: no class

Th: vocab quiz //begin ch 13

F: continue ch 13

ch 13 vocab

ch 12 vocab on last week post

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