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Week of 2/13-2/17

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Please check daily as I make frequent changes

PARENTS: As per my algebra syllabus, all students must have a scientific calculator as it will be used on the upcoming algebra exam. My recommendation is the TI 30 X IIS, it is $10 dollar at Walmart . I will not be able to provide a calculator if your child fails to have one.


M: 17.1 section assessment pg 449 #1-5

T: Begin section 17.2 ppt

W: 17.2 ppt

Th: finish section w videos

F: activity

Algebra 9A:

M: go over HW#29 / begin 7-4 // HW#30 pg 35 #1-32 due Friday

T: continue 7-4

W: 7-4

Th: finish 7-4

F: 7-5

prepare for ch 7 exam next week

Lesson 7-3
Download PDF • 6.78MB

Lesson 7-4
Download PDF • 5.26MB

Algebra 9B:

M: clarify 7-3 /finish practice / HW#30 pg 35 #1-32 due Friday

T: begin 7-4

W: finish 7-4

Th: 7-4 wrap up/ begin 7-5

F: 7-5

prepare for ch 7 exam next week


M: continue medical emergencies

T: medical emergencies

W: review

Th: quiz/assessment on emergencies/diagnosing TENTATIVE WILL ANNOUNCE IN CLASS FIRST

F: timed backboarding


M: class period to work on report / due at the end of class

T: begin ch 9

W: no class

Th: finish ch 9

F: vocab

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