Week 8

Week -8


Grade 6:

Monday: WKBK Writing: Spectrum- pgs.40-52: Characters & Dialogue

Tuesday: view Pgs. 40-44, Continue with class 44-52

Wednesday: Finish Spectrum WKBK- 48-52

Thursday: Essay- 5 Paragraphs essay on a topic chosen by the teacher/ expository topic


Grade: 7

Monday: Green Text Pgs. 91-110 Answer ALL the Your turns and The Thinking it Through

Tuesday: Continue and Complete the text pgs: 91-110

Wednesday: Silent Reading

Thursday: 5 Paragraphs Essay on Topic Chosen by the teacher on expository writing


Grade 8

Monday: EOL Pgs. 274-290 Writing Effective Sentences pgs: 271-290

Complete all the exercises

Tuesday: Day 2- Complete Writing Exercises

Wednesday: Read Silently

Thursday: Expository Essay- 5 Paragraphs Topic will be chosen by the teacher


Grade 9 & 10th

Monday: Completion of Ceasar, the final assessment

Tuesday: Author Study ray Bradbury: pgs 57-82 Read Text with class and preview questions

Wednesday: Continue reading pgs 57-82 of Author Study Ray Bradbury with class

Thursday: Expository Essay pg 82, question number 7 Connect to life 5 Paragraphs


Grade 11/12

Monday: EOL- Sonnets pgs.302-305 Answer all parts on 306- Thinking It Through

Tuesday: Continue and begin with class discussion for answering questions on 306

Wednesday: EOL- pgs 302-306 Finish Questions, begin class discussion for Expository Essay

Thursday: EOL- Pgs.302 -306 Write on an expository topic -topics will be provided by the teacher


Grade 8 Reading

Monday- EOL- Pgs.108-114 “Poetry Workshop” Read Poems with class and discuss meaning and answers

Tuesday- Continued from yesterday: read with class Poems” The Legacy My Mother Had “From Generation to Generation” pgs.110-111

Wednesday- Continued from yesterday: Generation to Generation” pgs.110-114

Thursday- Complete and answer ALL Questions pg 114


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