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Week 7: 9/27 - 10/1

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

***Changes can and will be made based on class progress

2nd Period: Biology

Monday: Root Vocab/ Ch 6.1 PP and notes/ Atoms and their interactions

Tuesday: Root Vocab/ Chapter 6.1 PP and 6.2 and notes/Water and diffusion

Wednesday: # 5 Root Vocab Quiz/ Chapter 6.2PP and notes/Water and diffusion

Thursday: EOC Vocab/ Chapter 6.3 PP and Notes/Life Substances

Friday: EOC Vocab/ Chapter 6 Open-Book/Note Test Review Macro

3rd Period: Algebra 1

Monday: Review Test and Quiz/

Tuesday: Warm-Ups/ Chapter 2.3 and 2.4 * Homework GC

Wednesday: Warm-Up/ Chapter 2.5

Thursday: Warm-Up/ Ch 2.6

Friday: Study/ Chapter 2.7 Review homework ***Test Tuesday (Turn in homework Monday)

4th Period: Marine Biology

Monday: Empty Eco-column water/Discuss seafloor lab/Notes, Seafloor features

Tuesday: Eco-Data/ Seafloor lab/ Page 95 (2011)Chapter 5 (Chapter 6 in 2012)

Wednesday: Eco-Data/ Finish Shoebox Model

Thursday: Eco-Data/ Swap and Analyze/ complete lab

Friday: Eco-Data/ Turn in model and data.

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