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Week 2: 8/23-8/27

2nd Period: Biology

Monday: EOC Packet review/EOC Vocabulary/ Chapter 1 section 1

Tuesday: EOC Vocabulary/Chapter 1 section 2

Wednesday: EOC Vocabulary/ Chapter 1 section 3

Thursday: EOC Packet, Review for test

Friday: Study/Chapter 1 Test

3rd Period: Algebra 1

Monday: Order of Operations Review sheet

Tuesday:Advanced Order of Operations Review sheet

Wednesday: Continued Order of Operations review

Thursday: Algebraic Order of Operations

Friday: Simplifying Expressions Activity

4th Period: Marine Biology

Monday: Ecocolumn prep (materials)

Tuesday: Ecocolumn projects

Wednesday: Warm up Ecocolumn data/ Section 1 reading

Thursday: Warm up Ecocolumn data/ Section 1 workbook

Friday: Warm up Ecocolumn data/ Finish Section 1

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