Week 1: August 12 - 16

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

1st Period: 6th Grade World History

  • Monday: Welcome and introductions // Introduce Classroom Rules and Procedures ppt.

  • Tuesday: Middle School Survival Guide: procedures for success //Practice Rules and Procedures

  • Wednesday: ALICE video w/discussion

  • Thursday: Finish ALICE video // Organization 101 & folder set up// Practice Rules and Procedures

  • Friday: *** The Excavation Activity has been pushed back to next week*** ALICE drill with followup discussion // Enrichment Worksheet: The Oldest Music , correct and discuss as needed // Anthropology Terms Code Breaker 1

2nd Period: 7th Grade Civics

  • Monday: Welcome to Civics! // Icebreakers // Introduction ppt.

  • Tuesday: Review Course Syllabus // Set up and Organize Civics Binder // Assign Textbooks. HW: Review binder Table of Contents and Course Syllabus with parents and have them sign where indicated (due in Friday’s Binder Check).

  • Wednesday: Social Contract Activity - work in groups by table to decide some classroom expectations and consequences.

  • Thursday: Why Government? iCivics Lesson

  • Friday: Binder Check #1: organization + parent signatures // Review and discuss answers to “Why Government?” handout // Assign Textbooks

3rd Period: 6/7th Grade Advanced Reading

  • Monday: Welcome to Advanced Reading! // Icebreakers // Team Building Games

  • Tuesday: Silent Reading // Review Course Syllabus // Assign Textbooks // Begin reading “Rikki-tikki-tavi” pg. 2 - whole class

  • Wednesday: Sustained Silent Reading

  • Thursday: Silent Reading // Finish “Rikki-tikki-tavi”

  • Friday: Read “Snake Patrol” pg. 11 & “The Dinner Party” pg. 17 // Reading Check pg. 19 - whole class // Making Meanings pg. 19 # 1- 8 (Due by the end of class) // Silent Reading

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