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Sept. 12-16.

Intensive Reading

MON: "Dust" Read and discuss. Worksheets p.85-89. Finish for Homework.

TUE: Short Essay - 3 paragraphs. Pick your favorite story from the 4 that we have read in the Red textbook. Include a summary of the story, why you like it, and if you liked the ending. Finish for Homework.

WED: Begin reading "Rikki-tikki-Tavi" on red book. Pg.58-76. Review vocab p.58. Read together and discuss.

THU: Continue reading "Rikki-tikki-Tavi" on red book. Pg.58-76. Read together and discuss.

FRI: Come up with 5 questions for Rikki. Answer them as well. Begin questions p.77-79.

Make-up work is due 2 days after an Absence. Late work is worth 50%.

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