Reading Rocks! Feb. 24-28, 2020


MON: LAFS book: Lesson 16 "Structures of Stories" p.153-160. Parts 1-5. Finish for Homework.

TUE: Make a Storyboard for Hatchet in Lesson 16 (6 boxes) . Pg. T153. Write another paragraph for Hatchet.

WED: LAFS book: LES. 17 Point of View" p.161-168. Parts 1-5.

THUR: FSA Coach workbook: Lesson 8 "Predictions" p,74-77. Begin Chapter FSA Practice Test p.78-88.

FRI: Finish Chapter FSA Practice Test p.78-88. (TEST Grade)


Work on Yearbook.

Do creative writing assignment.

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