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Quarter 2, Week 7 (12/14 - 12/18)

Last week before break!

Note: This Agenda Blog is only an approximate plan of the weekly lesson plans. Changes can and will be made due to unanticipated circumstances and in order to maximize instructional effectiveness.

World History Middle School

Monday – Ancient Athens PowerPoint

Tuesday – Ancient Athens PowerPoint

Wednesday – Ancient Athens Quiz (Athens PowerPoint)

Thursday – Daily Life in Ancient Athens Video

Friday – Enrichment Activities

American History Middle School

Monday – Declaration of Independence (text handout pages 242 to 244)

Tuesday – Americans Fight for Liberty (text handout pages 245 to 249)

Wednesday – The Push to Victory (text handout pages 255 to 259)

Thursday – Revolutionary War Quiz (text handout pages 242 to 259)

Friday – Enrichment Activities

World History High School

Monday – The Peloponnesian War (Video)

HW: Write a 400 to 600 word essay describing the Peloponnesian War. Be sure to include why the war started, the major events of the war, and the terms of the peace treaty between Athens and Sparta)

Tuesday - Alexander the Great (textbook pages 138 to 141)

Wednesday – Alexander the Great (Epic History TV video and questions)

Thursday – Peloponnesian War & Alexander the Great Quiz

Friday – Enrichment Activities

American History High School

Monday – Chapter 12 Test (Retake)

Tuesday – Introduction to Chapter 13 (The Twenties); A Booming Economy (textbook pages 404 to 409)

Wednesday – The Business of Government (textbook pages 410 to 414)

Thursday – Social and Cultural Teaching (textbook pages 415 to 422)

Friday – Enrichment Activities


Monday – Investing (textbook pages 263 to 269

Tuesday – Stocks (textbook pages 277 to 285)

Wednesday – Cumulative Test (Chapters 1 thru 6)

Thursday – Mid-Term Stock Investment Project

Friday – Half-Day; Enrichment Activities

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