November 4th-8th

Updated: Jan 30

6th grade:

Monday: Finish watching "Coco" and have a discussion about family values.

Tuesday: Vocabulary Quiz, Explanation about Family Tree

Wednesday: "Making a Flying Fish," p.89-90. Making Predictions

Thursday: Writing a "Howto" paper pages 94-117

Friday: In-class practice and review.


Monday: Review of Words for Quiz

Tuesday: Vocabulary Quiz, Writing an Advantages/Disadvantages Essay, page 91-101

Wednesday: Revising and Publishing p.102-110.

Thursday: "Life" p.108, Comparing "TV Life" to "Real Life"

Friday: In-class practice and review.

8th grade:

Monday: "Roots" Introduction of Genealogy Project.

Tuesday: Vocabulary Quiz, Genealogy, continuation.

Wednesday: Cause and Effect, page 84-86

Thursday: "I Can't hear You!" page 87-90

Friday: Review of Cause and Effect, 90-115

9th/10th grades:

Monday: Giving an Informative Speech, pages 151-152

Tuesday: Review and critique different speeches.

Wednesday: Select a topic, preliminary research, Rubric for Speeches

Thursday: Analyzing Stereotypes, page 153

Friday: Review for Test.

11/12th grades:

Monday: History of the English Church and People, page 98

Tuesday: "The Venerable Bede" page 99-103

Wednesday: Literary Analysis, page 104-105

Thursday: Feelings vs. Opinions, page 104

Friday: Review for Test.


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