November 30- December 4

Algebra 1:

Monday- Start on Function Notation. The homework will be a worksheet.

Tuesday- Continue with function notation. The homework will be Pg 100, 12-25

Wednesday- Quiz review sheet. Study for your quiz

Thursday- Quiz on Function Notation

Friday- Function Notation Activity


Monday- Start on Formulas with the classwork being . The homework will be Pg 145, 1-9 odd

Tuesday- Continue with formulas. The homework will be Pg 145, 17-22.

Wednesday- Computer Lab function notation. The homework will be Pg 147, 1-9

Thursday- Review for formulas. Study for quiz

Friday- Quiz on Formulas

7th Grade Math:

Monday- Start on rational coefficients with classwork being Pg 163-165, b,c,f,i. The homework will be Pg 166, 1-10

Tuesday- Continue with rational coefficients. The homework will be Pg 166,167, 33-39

Wednesday- Review on Rational coefficients. Study for quiz

Thursday- Quiz on rational coefficients.

Friday- Rational coefficients activity

6th Grade Math:

Monday- Introduction to Median, Mode, and Range. The homework will be a worksheet

Tuesday- Continue median, mode, and range. The homework will be Pg 154, 5-12

Wednesday- Review of Median/Mode/Range. Study for quiz

Thursday- Median/Mode/Range Quiz

Friday- Median and Mode Computer Lab Activity


Monday- Introduction into Deductive Reasoning. The homework will be a proofs worksheet

Tuesday - Continue with Proofs. The homework will be Pg 133, 1-8

Wednesday- Review of proofs. Study for quiz

Thursday- Proofs quiz.

Friday- Detective Geometry activity

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