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Jan. 4-8, 2021 - Back to School!

Welcome Back Mustangs!


MON: Complete the Hot Words List (worksheet) for the first part of the book. (Do all of the stories that we have read.) This is a Vocabulary review. Complete in Study Hall.

TUE: Alpha-biography M-S (worksheet) / Study Island online. (2 groups - will switch on Wednesday)

WED: Alpha-biography M-S (worksheet)/ Study Island online.

THU: Read "Hurricane" p. 194-203. Review vocab. Discuss as we read.

FRI: Do Questions p. 201-203. Complete some parts in groups. Review together.


MON: MICHELANGELO!!!! (Videos, Powerpoint, worksheets.)

TUE: MICHELANGELO!!!! (Videos, Powerpoint, worksheets.)

THU: MICHELANGELO!!!! (Videos, Powerpoint, worksheets.)

FRI: MICHELANGELO!!!! (Videos, Powerpoint, worksheets.)


MON: Begin a new essay. Due Tuesday.

TUE: Essay due at end of class.

THU: Work on newsletter/yearbook.

FRI: Work on newsletter/yearbook.

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