Dec. 8-11, 2020: Will Santa be good to you this year?

Intensive Reading

MON: Read "Fish Cheeks" pg.176-178 by Amy Tan. Answer the questions on pg. 179.

TUE: Do "Future" worksheet activity for "Fish Cheeks". Begin working on Book Report.

WED: Watch a short video on Mt. Everest. Read and discuss "Beyond the Limits" pg. 182-190.

THU: Complete all questions p. 191-193. Discuss.

FRI: Book Report DUE today! Finish questions p. 191-193.

Art History

MON: The Roman Pantheon. Review the slideshow and watch 3 short videos.

TUE: Questions on the Roman Pantheon/ Work on Art Installation project.

THU: Work on Art Installation project.

FRI: Work on Art Installation project.


MON: Work on this week's interview. Interview a fellow student or family member using the 10 questions that students made last week.

TUE: Work on this week's interview.

THU: Work on this week's interview.

FRI: Interview Due!

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