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Big Benefits of Our Small School

Micanopy Academy students listen to a doctor of veterinary medicine speak about dog breeds. In front of the students is a table with models of animal skeletons

Micanopy Academy is proof that great things really can come in small packages. We are your local, tuition-free small school that prioritizes all the things that matter in middle and high school: caring community, flexible curriculum, and unwavering support. Plus, we love to have fun. Here’s why we’re a small school with big opportunities:

1. Small, Safe Environment with Personalized Attention

Each student who walks through our doors is known by name, making our school feel more like a family than an institution. We have an average class size of 15 which means that our teachers can provide the type of personalized support that larger schools are challenged to provide. And all students, regardless if you have an IEP or 504 plan, are welcome and supported.

2. Endless Opportunities

From our curated offering of electives (hello, Forensics and Makerspace!) to dual enrollment with Santa Fe Community College or our brand new, one-of-a-kind Civics & Law Program, the options for who you are now and who you hope to become are limitless. We listen to our students and design courses, plans and opportunities that will help you get ahead–that’s what we mean by unwavering support.

A student-created model of a plant cell made out of LEGO bricks.

3. High Test Scores and Even Higher Graduation Rate

We are proud to boast of having some of the highest test scores in Alachua county thanks to our standards-aligned curriculum and quality teaching. We also successfully graduate 100% of our high school students, with a staggering 30% of our students graduating early. And we support those dreaming of a college degree with a lower tuition burden, by helping over 50% of our students graduate with free college credit.

4. Free After-School Tutoring

It’s normal to need a little help with homework, projects or math assignments outside of school hours. Expanding your mind and skills takes work! We offer free after-school tutoring to all of our students–just show up and ask for help. That’s all there is to it.

Students from Micanopy Academy pose for a photo next to an ambulance with the first responders.

5. Field Trips & Fun

We LOVE field trips at Micanopy Academy. From local museums and zoos to longer excursions like our upcoming trip to Peru, we know that learning also happens outside of the 4 walls of the classroom. From hanging out on our 3.8 acre wooded campus to Friday Fun Days and plenty of movie and popcorn rewards, we value joy and fun in learning.

Ready to take the plunge and see the difference a small 6th-12th grade school can make for your education? Enrollment for the 2023-24 school year is open now. As always, we’re tuition-free and excited to meet you.

About Micanopy Academy

Micanopy Academy is a 6th-12th grade tuition-free public charter school with limitless compassion for guiding students toward a bright future. With small classes, certified teachers, high standards and personalized learning, we’re growing the hearts, minds and futures of students in Micanopy, Florida. Where will a Micanopy Academy education take you? Enroll today and find out.

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